Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had a great birthday yesterday - thanks for all the calls and wishes. I was so spoilt by everyone. Zanne (the Milnes) bought me the wrought iron lettering (see my previous post), Dane and Krystal gave me an awesome album of Kay and Byron's wedding. Krystal photo -shopped the wedding photos onto A4 photo paper and made up a coffee table album. It's hard to explain but it's awesome. (By the way, I only just got Kayley's wedding photos recently!!) Kayley and Byron gave me a new wallet, and I got all sorts of odds and ends, chocolates and cards from friends.
We recently bought this king size bed and headboard from friends of ours who moved to the States. I was so chuffed cos I already had king size linen on my Queen bed, so I didn't think the linen would be a prob. Well, it was! My king size duvet sat on the top of the bed with no overhang, so needless to say the cold air wafted in each time we turned. So guess what I got for my birthday from my awesome husgand - a Super King Size Duvet. So here are some pics of our bedroom.


Zanne bought me these gorgeous rusty wrought iron words for my birthday. I have always wanted them. She is just the best! I put them on an enormous blank boring wall in my dining room area, and they look great! Well I think so, anyway!
I think if mom had to see me placing rusty, old, welded metal words on my walls, she would think I had lost it!!