Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too cute!

Here we are again! Just keeping you up to date with Blayze.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kayley and I popped in to visit Bevan last night. Blayze was in such a happy mood - must have been his pink "Tie 'n Dye" hippie shirt! A blast from the past!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Blayze started crawling 2 days ago. Bevan brought him over to show us/ He also has two teeth now. Sorry about the small photos - not sure about this camera of Krystal's!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are two pics of Blayze. Still not getting to see him very much at all - maybe once a month. So he is not all that happy when I take him away from his daddy, and I end up having to talk to him while he is in his daddy's arms. Anyway, I continue to cherish the time I have with him. Please keep praying for Bevan - both for his salvation and for a proper job so that he can meet his financial commitments and feed all the hungry mouths in his 'family'.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had a great birthday yesterday - thanks for all the calls and wishes. I was so spoilt by everyone. Zanne (the Milnes) bought me the wrought iron lettering (see my previous post), Dane and Krystal gave me an awesome album of Kay and Byron's wedding. Krystal photo -shopped the wedding photos onto A4 photo paper and made up a coffee table album. It's hard to explain but it's awesome. (By the way, I only just got Kayley's wedding photos recently!!) Kayley and Byron gave me a new wallet, and I got all sorts of odds and ends, chocolates and cards from friends.
We recently bought this king size bed and headboard from friends of ours who moved to the States. I was so chuffed cos I already had king size linen on my Queen bed, so I didn't think the linen would be a prob. Well, it was! My king size duvet sat on the top of the bed with no overhang, so needless to say the cold air wafted in each time we turned. So guess what I got for my birthday from my awesome husgand - a Super King Size Duvet. So here are some pics of our bedroom.


Zanne bought me these gorgeous rusty wrought iron words for my birthday. I have always wanted them. She is just the best! I put them on an enormous blank boring wall in my dining room area, and they look great! Well I think so, anyway!
I think if mom had to see me placing rusty, old, welded metal words on my walls, she would think I had lost it!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


On one of our game drives, we stopped to visit another lodge in Nambiti called Eseweni. Oh my word - it was breathtaking! It has been built off the edge of a cliff and is absolutely gorgeous. It is way up high and overlooks a river where the animals come to drink. Kay and Byron are standing on the deck overlooking the gorge. None of us could afford to stay here - maybe those who earn American dollars would be so lucky! This is the river below. Not for the fainthearted!
This is a side view of the flow pool and deck.

They showed us one of their guest suites. Beautifully rustic but luxurious. This bath is actually out on a private deck, which overlooks the valley. Awesome!!
This is the bathroom inside the room.
The decor is stunning. Look at the elephant made out of towels, in between the pillows.
This is the lounge area. Plush leather, thatching and hot chocolate - what an aroma!
This was back at our humble Long Grass Lodge, but the same skill is shown here - Not sure what the serviettes were supposed to be - maybe a Secretary Bird, or a Stork or an Ostrich, but to Byron it was Tyrannusaurus X ... or something like that!!
We loved these little wrought iron candle holders - the colourful shirts and tops were all beaded.
We stopped for lunch at these cascades and pools. Wish it was summer - we could have enjoyed some fun bum slides.

Look at those bum slides behind us.

If I were just a bit closer I don't think I could have resisted pushing Mel in!
HIPPO - there was a 'tiny' baby in this family - only a couple of months old. Too cute!!
The wind blew right through us on the game drives - Mel underestimated how cold it would be!!
Dream on!!
This was 'bloomin' high up - my feet got pins and needles just watching these two getting so close to the edge. I'm getting old!!
That's as far as I could go!
My favorite animal!

Inside the landrover - flippin' freezing!


We were spoilt with a couple of days at Long Grass Lodge, Nambiti Game Reserve which is just outside Ladysmith. We live in an awesome country - there is nothing like being in the African bush - the smells, the animal noises and the bird songs are all you need to destress!


We spent the day down at Inanda Dam last week Friday. Dane recently bought a Jetski, so we decided to go down and watch him in action. There seems to be quite an art to actually standing up on the Jetski, so needless to say, there were quite a few sprawls. Stacy gave it a go and made a spectacular start - giving it full throttle - within 5 seconds she had disappeared into the distance!!! With a little more practice she will be a star! Dane has managed to master it and even managed to crack a few 'doughnuts' in the water! Typical - he just loves making waves!!

Bevan joined us as well. He is a natural in the water. I think surfing has definitely helped him when it comes to balance. Bevan is in the brown hoodie and the other guy is Ricky, Dane's friend.

Mel battled to buckle up the life vest - we had to release the straps quite a lot to get around his new found "boep". He was quite proud of his body as usual and was quite pleased to show off his 'muscles'!!
Sisters, Stacy and Devon. Yay! Arkansas still rears its head around this part of the world.
And the other sisters - Zanne and Jen. We would have loved to give the jetski a go, but it is actually the middle of winter here, so the water was 'freeslik' cold! Watch out for us in summer though!
Bevan, Mark (Dane's other friend) and Dane.
Here we go - Mel was one second on, the next off!! He eventually resorted to just dragging his feet behind him and 'choeffed' around the dam like a real grandpa!! I won't mention how stiff his muscles were the next day.

The guys were pretty impressed with Krystal's skill in the water - she managed to get to her feet! Sorry - didn't get that on camera.
This is what we are all striving for - to stand up and enjoy the ride. Shot, Bevan!