Monday, October 4, 2010


Here are the latest pics of Blayze.  We last saw him about a month ago for about 5 minutes and before that probably 6 weeks ago.  So it was great to spend a bit of time with him and Bevan yesterday.  Once he got used to us again, he settled down and ended up in quite a happy mood ... as you can see.   We just wish we could see him more often.  These are such incredibly precious moments.

Monday, August 30, 2010


My darling husband and kids bought this beautiful Tanzanite and Diamond ring for me for my 50th. Tanzanite's are more like a light purple colour - this pic makes them look like sapphires. They are only found in Tanzania and are more rare than diamonds, but softer than diamonds. I have only ever dreamed of wearing a tanzanite ring. Shew!! So spoilt!
(And yes, I do have hands like my mother!!)
We decided to invite a few friends over for dinner for my 50th birthday. I knew I couldn't subject my friends to my cooking and baking skills, so my friend Carey said she would do it for me. She cooked a superb 3 course meal and decored my dining room beautifully. She wouldn't allow me to help with anything, so I sat back and enjoyed the evening.

My two gorgeous girls were our waitresses for the evening. They did an awesome job and
Carey made sure that they stayed on top of all the cleaning as they went
along ... much to their 'delight'!!!

Of course, my 'best friend' was there before the rest of the guests arrived.
She also spoiled me rotten for my birthday. What a sista!!

Blowing out the candles!

Fortunately there weren't 50 to blow out - Mel had to hold me

back so I didnt spit in the dessert!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here are some arb photos of our time at the farm at Easter. Stacy and Kayley have posted some nice pics on their blogs. These are just some different ones.
Gumpy and the "Easter Bunny"! Granny Deb, Sienna and Matt
Zanne, Kuen and Mel
Kayley and ByronMark and Sienna
Kate, Sienna and Matt
Noah & 1/2 of Shannon (sorry Shan!)

Warwick and Mark
Devon and Zanne trying to get the Easter eggs off the roof. I think we need a new Easter Bunny - he keeps hiding the eggs in crazy places - on the roof, in the duck pond and high up the the trees! (The Easter Bunny is shown below on the bottom left!!!!)
Ross and Noah
Gumpy tucking into his Easter egg
Pam, Deb, Gaby, Zanne, Nic and Sienna
Chloe and Devon
Kayley watching out for the Chestnuts!!!
Geri and Matt
Pam and Chocolate face Noah!
Krystal, Geri, Matt and Nic
Kate and Matt
Devon, Sienna and Chloe (Dev's friend)


Kayley had her official graduation last week - she is now the proud owner of her Bachelor of Education Degree. She has also just been informed that she will need to attend another Awards Ceremony for being chosen as the Student who produced the most consistently good marks ... or something like that! The guy was a bit vague on the phone, but she's been told it will be a monetary award, so she's chuffed cos she can go shopping for her 'winter wardrobe'. Anyway I will update you on what the actual award ends up being after the 10th May when we have the actual proof in our hands!!! Well done, Kay! We are so proud of you.

Candice, Lauren, Kayley and Cara

We tried about 5 times to get this photo below right, so the enthusiasm had dwindled by then!!


Our house has needed a facelift for way too long now, so we decided to paint the roof and add plaster bands around the windows and doors. We are also planing on adding a garage but that still needs to be approved by the Town Council. So here are some 'before' and 'after' photos.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This post is for Krystal and Cleone's benefit. I just wanted to show you what the study looks like now. I pulled out that silly pine 'landing' and it's so much more spacious. We are really enjoying spending more time here now - not so stuffy!!

Scuse all the wires etc. and we still need to put the mirror up on the wall.