Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is our new home - 20 Rapson Road. It is a Tuscan style home and is only about 5 years old, so the finishes and colours are nice and neutral. This is the front of the house as you come down the driveway. It has a double garage (you can't see it in this picture), but they are nice big wooden garage doors that work on a motor. Yahoo!
This is our front door - nice and wide. It leads straight into the open plan lounge/dining room. Excuse the furniture - it belongs to the old couple who are still living in the house. I can't wait to put my furniture in - I have it all laid out in my head!! The doors at the back of the lounge leads onto a HUGE verandah.

The bedrooms are nice and spacious with tons of built in cupboards. I may change the colours on the walls but I can live with these colours for a while.

This is the dining room - rather cluttered. I don't think my dining room table is going to fit in, so I may just put it on the verandah, or I will have to downsize.

This is the front entrance.

And here is the kitchen - it is identical to the colours I have in my existing home ... just 1/3 of the size!!! But it has a huge corner pantry cupboard - I'm grateful for that!! It has black granite counter tops too! This wooden counter at the front of the photo is a kind of breakfast counter with bar stools. The old lady is going to leave us her stove - she says its a lovely old stove but I'm not sure that I won't change it!! Not that I do much cooking, but it must at least look good!!
This is the lounge.

Another angle from the kitchen looking across to the dining room and verandah.
Sorry there are no pictures of the bathrooms and the main bedroom - don't know why the agents didn't take pics of them, but when I go and visit the house again, I will take more pics. We move ... hopefully ... and the end of June, but we are waiting for confirmation of that. If not then maybe end July. End of June would be great cos we will be on school holidays then so it would suit us better.

This is a view from the garden onto the verandah. It doesn really give you any idea of how big the verandah actually is. We don't have a pool, but we will probably put in a small splash pool before summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Here are a few pics of Blayze - Bevan's baby.

Bevan popped in this afternoon to show him off. We haven't seen Blayze in about 6 weeks, so we were very excited to get to hold him ... at last.

He looks more like Jacquie - he has her nose.

He is so chunky - definitely got the heavy Temlett thighs!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We went out to Eldorado Spur for lunch. Just had to take a picture of Byron - he's a keen supporter of the Razor Backs!! Yahoo!

I was so happy that a couple of my children could join us for lunch. Dane was away in Aghanistan and Bevan was unable to join us.

Finger licking good!!


I was so spoilt today for Mother's Day. My children blessed me with a beautiful pot plant and a gorgeous wire basket and flowers .