Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yay!! Bevan came over again yesterday. What a treat. I am so loving getting to know this little chap! He is really chubby and cuddly, but also full of dribble and oopsies! (as you can see on his tracksuit top). Bevan stayed for longer than he has ever stayed ... about 45 minutes so I lapped up all the precious moments. Wow, what a feeling! ('Scuse the pj's - was having a lazy morning!!)


Mel and I were given a voucher for the Mangwanani Spa at Sibaya on Friday night. On arrival we were given cheese and biscuits and old brown sherry. Then we were given a white gown and slippers for the evening. Every time the zulu drums rolled, we were ushered off to another section of the spa. We started with a foot massage (up to the knee actually). It started off really well - was soothing and relaxing, but as time passed, we both began to grimace and soon it was jolly painful! I wanted to take photos but the ladies doing the massage did not seem too impressed, so I packed away my camera. The shot below is of Mel in his white gown and slippers!! This is where we had the foot massage.
Mel took this photo really quickly - sorry it's a bit blurred!!

We were then served dinner after the foot 'battering' and then we went on to having a full body massage with hot stone therapy. OH MY WORD! I think my therapist decided that she was going to massage my large buns away!! Maybe she thought they were knots that needed to go!! I was actually writhing in pain before she realised she had better relax a bit. I am still bruised - two days later!! Mel loved it!! Would I go again - no - I don't think so. I thought it was supposed to be RELAXING! At the end of the full body massage, we were served a tot of Amarula - I needed something stronger than that!