Monday, August 30, 2010


My darling husband and kids bought this beautiful Tanzanite and Diamond ring for me for my 50th. Tanzanite's are more like a light purple colour - this pic makes them look like sapphires. They are only found in Tanzania and are more rare than diamonds, but softer than diamonds. I have only ever dreamed of wearing a tanzanite ring. Shew!! So spoilt!
(And yes, I do have hands like my mother!!)
We decided to invite a few friends over for dinner for my 50th birthday. I knew I couldn't subject my friends to my cooking and baking skills, so my friend Carey said she would do it for me. She cooked a superb 3 course meal and decored my dining room beautifully. She wouldn't allow me to help with anything, so I sat back and enjoyed the evening.

My two gorgeous girls were our waitresses for the evening. They did an awesome job and
Carey made sure that they stayed on top of all the cleaning as they went
along ... much to their 'delight'!!!

Of course, my 'best friend' was there before the rest of the guests arrived.
She also spoiled me rotten for my birthday. What a sista!!

Blowing out the candles!

Fortunately there weren't 50 to blow out - Mel had to hold me

back so I didnt spit in the dessert!